Why is everybody on holidays apart from me?

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The sun is shining and you just want to stay outside, walk in a park, have an iced whatever drink, wear white, pink, yellow, be tan, be on holidays.


There is always a moment of the year when it seems like everyone you know is away photographing sunsets at the seaside, dancing on a boat, camping and doing something that looks like the tour of the entire world, contemplating her/his own legs on the side of a swimming pool. Everyone, apart from you. It doesn’t matter if this summer you won’t go on holidays, you’ve just been or you’re about to go. There will always be that day, that week, that month when you feel so bored, when everything about the city you’re normally in love with suddenly becomes so pointless.


What to do then? Manifatto gives you a list of (stupid and wise) solutions for the city-summer sadness:


1- Indulge in getting up late in the morning and treat yourself to a day without watching the clock. You didn’t go for a trip, but at least you can send the time on vacation!


2- Go to the greengrocer: with no rush, take your time, smell the peach and strawberry scent in the air, imagine being inside an exotic garden.


3- This is the right moment to rebel against the office lunch in front of the computer! Celebrate the ritual of an outdoor meal, go to an open market and taste all the samples you find.


4- Put your laundry to dry and open all the windows. Have a lemonade and close your eyes: you’re in a sunny terrace in Naples, bathed in golden sunlight.


5- Go to the park, find the perfect spot from where the city is invisible, lay down on the grass under a tree where the air is fresher, look at the sky, turn your phone off. Even if you stay in town it does not mean that you should be so white to glow in the dark…relax and let the sun do its magic.


6- Bake that cake! No more excuses, prepare that much desired fruit tart you have never found the time to make (but you’ll certainly find the time to eat).


7- Go to swim: in a lake, a pond, a lido, pretend to be in Honolulu!


8- It’s time to use your bus pass in the right way: jump on a bus and see where it takes you. Forget the stress of commuting and explore the city!


9- It happens every day, but you ignore it too often: the sunset. Find a rooftop, or any other spot with a nice view, and give this daily show the time it deserves.

tramonto in città

10- And if in the winter you are a cinema person, there’s no need to stop watching movies when the weather gets warm. Book a ticket for an outdoor projection and enjoy the summer night.

by Sara Tenti & Evelina Callegari