“R” is the new philosophy

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Arbos has produced paper stationery and materials for 25 years. Arbos team is lead by the owner Sergio, a creative personality with a true passion for books, nature and – above all – for paper as a material and as a vehicle to tell stories. Sergio is able to read the origins of a sheet of paper by observing its stains and shadows, its smell and different cuts, its texture and imperfections. Manifatto selected Arbos because of the high quality and refinement of their products but also for the main values of the company which represent what Manifatto itself is all about.



The economical profit should never be more important than the rights of the workers and the social commitment of a company. Arbos guarantees products made in compliance with these ethical principles to its clients.





Arbos was one of the first factories in Italy to produce items entirely made from recycled and sustainable materials. The beauty and uniqueness of Arbos stationery comes from this great respect for nature, which makes of this factory one of the main Italian examples of environmental awareness.


Italy. 2014. Arbos Industry.



For Arbos the quality of the product depends on a deep research and study of the perfect ways to combine aesthetic beauty and functionality. The continuous research of new techniques and the deep knowledge of the traditional artisanal processes combined with new techniques make of every Arbos object an authentic piece of design.