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A paper notebook, a secret diary, a travel journal: all this sounds kind of old.

We have apps, smartphones, computers, alarms ringing, incoming e-mails, reminders, I-Pads, e-books, calendars, we share immaterial information, we write what we think, we publish immediately, we erase.

But paper can still be very unique and irreplaceable.


Arbos paper

What do you use when you want to give yourself the time to think, to start from a draft? Where do you take note of what catches your attention? Where do you sketch ideas and dreams?

What do you do with life moments that cannot be typed or photographed?

Not that long time ago the phrase “Who gave you permission to read my diary?!”, was reason enough to start an argument. Probably hiding your diary under the bed or in the very back of a drawer wasn’t that safe.

Maybe you used to carry your diary inside a backpack and take notes with a blunt pencil while sitting on a bench at the train station. Probably you wrote in a tent, not far from the beach, burning under the sun, with the white of the pages striking the eyes.

arbos seaside

Has it ever happened to you to borrow a notebook to someone that never gave it back?

Have you ever turned a notebook upside-down during a boring meeting and started scribbling and drawing, just to give vent to your alter ego, give space to creativity, break the rules of conventionality and eventually come up with a great idea?

Quaderno arbos

Do you like to write and make mistakes, correct and re-read, edit, keep some secret memories and observations and tear some pages off?


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